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Cindy's Tips

A WORK IN PROGRESS Brickworks has switched hosts...and now we're in the process of redesigning the website, as well. New products will be added, as well as different feature, history and more. Stop back in periodically to see what's new.
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Do you love quilts and other needlecrafts?

Then you've come to the right place! Cindy Brick, quilting teacher, quilt restorer, writer and appraiser, is an expert on old quilts and quilt history, including Crazy quilts, as well as other craft styles. She often writes about them in books and magazines. She is an American Quilter's Society-certified textile appraiser and member of PAAQT, professional judge and the author of 6 books, including the FABRIC DATING KIT which has helped thousands of readers learn more about dating old quilts and fabrics.

QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST is everything we hoped for -- great photos, clear instructions, and Cindy's usual mix of history, unusual stories and beautiful quilts. Nine Western Babes are featured in the book: women who either worked for their gold and silver (and copper); married men who had (and lost) it; entertained for it; or simply took it! You can see pages and more at the Kansas City Star's online store here.

The book retails for $28.95, but we'll ship it for only $23.95, including media rate shipping! Write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call the toll-free number below to order. We accept VISA or MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, checks or money orders.

Cindy's CRAZY QUILTS is the first history-based reference book on Crazies since 1984, and includes a how-to section on making a Crazy quilt: your choice of several different methods, from heirloom to lightning-fast.

What is Cindy doing right now? Check www.cindybrick.blogspot.com and see!

HOORAY! CRAZY QUILTS is back in print! Its retail price is $21.95 (softcover), but you know us -- order from Brickworks, and we'll include FREE media rate shipping. Please e-mail or call us if you'd like to order, until we get the book added to our product list.

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A former QUILTER'S NEWSLETTER editor, Cindy's work has appeared in many publications, including the QUILTING QUARTERLY (NQA), QUILT, VINTAGE QUILTS, QUILTING LIFE and AMERICAN QUILTER. Cindy is also a professional quilt restorer with strong ties to the Quilt Heritage Foundation and AQSG. In addition, she frequently writes guest posts for several blogs besides her own, specializing not only in needlecrafts, but in personal finance, family matters and frugal living.

"I love teaching people more about quilting, especially where it's been through the years," she says. "Although I've learned from slide shows, and use them myself on occasion, I believe you learn more from seeing and touching the real thing. That's why my classes and lectures include dozens of samples, from quilts, tops, blocks, and fabric to vintage paper." Look for Cindy's books, fabrics and patterns, including the GRANDMA'S QUILT PATTERNS inside. We also stock a wide range of other helpful history and needlework books and patterns, quilt restoration products, and even a little Hanky Panky. Come on in, and explore!

Don't forget our sister website, CLASSY GIRL -- you'll find kits for Crazies, helpful books and all sorts of embellishments, from charms to Treasured Memories fabric transfers. Just click on the 'Classy Girl' label on the top of the menu on this page.

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Hanky Panky QuiltsYes, We've Still Got Hanky Panky on our mind! You may have seen Cindy talking about the Hanky Panky method on "Simply Quilts." ( Click here for more.) HANKY PANKY WITH A FLOURISH is still coming, too -- This long-awaited sequel is currently in the finishing-up stage. (E-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to be put on the notification list. Price will be as close to the first book as we can make it.) This new collection of handkerchief quilt patterns includes the traditional Hanky Panky method, plus many hankie-related patterns that don't require cutting the handkerchiefs!

If you've always wanted a copy of Hanky Panky for your very own, it won't be long. The original edition is now officially out of print, but the Hanky Panky sequel will be out soon. Visit here for more info...we're hoping for a late fall publication, so we can offer it for Christmas gift-giving.

Visit our Hanky Panky Gallery to see quilts made by Hanky Panky fans!

Yes, we stock specialty hankies! Kids, states (practically every one in the union), animals, and several different phrases. (Try "Mother" at $7.95 for a very special Mother's Day Hanky Panky!) Prices vary, but generally start at $6.95, including shipping. (State hankies $14.95, inc. shipping) Write us for your favorite.

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